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Developing a COVID-19 Business Recovery Plan

Developing a COVID-19 Business Recovery Plan

This has been and continues to be a worrying and uncertain time, with constantly changing messages about COVID-19 and its impact on our health, lives and the economy.


Our message is simple. We are here to support you, and work with you now, through the next few months and when the crisis ends.


The business landscape has shifted significantly. Many of our clients have been forced to shut down their businesses. This is causing increasing levels of stress, but also giving business owners time.


Proactive businesses will come through this crisis stronger.

It is critical to use this time wisely - by planning how to deal with the crisis and survive.  We strongly believe that our Business Recovery Program is the right support for our clients at this critical point.


Our Business Recovery Program is an online support program to help you through the crisis. It lets you assess your position and develop a Recovery Plan for your business.


You can use this time to take our free online Short Risk and Value Driver Assessment and review your Business Performance Indicator Report.  You can also develop your Business Recovery Plan, register for our online Workshop and with our support, take action.


What is the Business Recovery Program?

We have developed a three step online program that can be individually tailored to your business, timeline, resources and budget.

Step 1 - Free online Risk Diagnostic
Complete our online Short Risk and Value Driver Assessment (RAVDA) to identify areas of risk in your business.  It combines your information with data analytics to pinpoint areas you need to focus on and address.

On completion, you can download your Business Performance Indicator Report, summarising your position, and highlighting areas of risk and concerns within your business.


Start your Recovery Plan


Instructions: It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the risk diagnostic which has 25 questions. You can save and exit at any time. To reopen your risk diagnostic tool save the URL link to your desktop and make sure you click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Once you generate your Business Performance Indicator Report you can register for an online planning workshop (see below).

Step 2 - Register for a COVID-19 online planning workshop
We have developed an online workshop to support business owners to develop their own COVID-19 Business Recovery Plan. The plan can include strategies to manage cash flow and other key issues.

Our online workshop includes the following:

  • Reviewing and updating your Short RAVDA;
  • Preparing a SWOT analysis;
  • Selecting a range of business risk management and improvement strategies;
  • Downloading Recovery Plan recommendations;
  • Generating a Business Recovery Plan Report which can be updated;
  • Using the full RAVDA to take a deep dive into business re-growth.


You will develop a clear action plan, including timelines, detailed steps and resources you will need.

The online planning workshop will be conducted in a group format and facilitated by an experienced member of our accounting & business services team.  The price for the workshop is $275 including GST.


Step 3 - Further support
We also provide ongoing support, for those clients who need help to implement plans or specific strategies. We have a range of packages which can be tailored to your individual needs and budget.

We are facing unprecedented challenges, but together we can get through this crisis.