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Practical Positivity

MELTDOWN. If you need to have a meltdown, do it. Negative emotions will never go away, only fester. Don’t be ashamed to have a cry and a bit of a panic.


ESTABLISH A BETTER VISION OF THE FUTURE. You and your clients may have quite a negative vision of what’s to come. Armageddon, recession, etc. This needs to change. Start to envision the other side.


SCENARIO PLANNING. Produce a cash flow forecast for the next 3 months. Imagine the worst scenario in terms of sales, then plan for it. Maybe you get no revenue for the next 3 months? The reality may be better, but plan for it anyway.


CUT BACK. Cut back on any costs that may be excessive. You need to be careful with this bit. Don’t strip back operations completely, only those that seem excessive.


GALVANISE YOUR TEAM. Communicate your better vision of the future. They are on this mission with you. They have probably had the same panics that you’ve had. Explain that you’re going to get through this together. The reason we’re cutting back (in the step above) is to preserve your team.


BUILD BACK INTO THE FOUNDATIONS. This is where we look at things you may have been neglecting. Systems, processes, getting your pricing right, marketing. Whatever it is you need to do, build back into these key systems.


SET UP AS A LEADER. This is your time. If your team are working from home, get them fired up, have daily calls, keep everyone positive.


EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES. What opportunities do you have now to give value to your clients or customers? It could be new products, new markets, digitisation of your products…


MARKETING. Be there for your community and the clients or customers that you serve. Invest in long term nurturing processes.


Final Thoughts

Stay safe. Do what you can with what you have. Control what’s in your control. Help as many people as you can through this period with any spare resources you have, whether that’s time, money or love. This will not last forever, nor for very long and we will get through this… together… and be stronger at the other side.