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The Value of Trusted Financial Adviser

The Value of a Trusted Financial Adviser

Carol’s husband Errol had sadly passed away after a long period of illness.  He had been the person who made most of the financial decisions for the family.

Daunted by the complexity of her finances and her grief, Carol sought assistance from a financial adviser referred by her lawyer who was dealing with Errol’s estate.

 Although this adviser helped her with some of her issues, Carol still felt adrift, concerned and confused.  The adviser was unable to provide full comprehensive financial advice and had provided a basic financial plan and indicated that Carol should source her own investments through Australian Shares.  She didn’t even know how to go about this yet alone decide which Australian Shares to purchase.

As time went on, Carol could see that her retirement superannuation savings were as Carol quoted “not going anywhere”.  She knew that they were invested 100% in cash and that the investment return on cash was minimal.

With the loss of her husband, Carol felt vulnerable and alone.  She did not want to squander her retirement funds and end up entirely on the aged pension or be a financial burden for her children.  

Discussing her concerns with a very close friend one day, she was referred to Denise from Integrity Wealth.  Her friend had said that she was very happy with her dealings with Integrity Wealth over many years and that she knew that Carol would be well looked after.

Carol wanted someone to partner with her so that she did not feel so alone and vulnerable.  She wanted someone with the appropriate financial knowledge who could apply this to her current and future financial situation.

From the start, she felt comfortable and appreciated because Denise came to her home.  At ease being in her own safe environment, she was comfortable to discuss her personal and financial situation openly.

 Also, Denise spent time to listen and obtain all the facts and figures.  Explaining investment markets in a simple and direct manner put Carol at ease that her finances were in secure hands. 

Completing the investment risk profile and studying the investment education material left by Denise, also allowed Carol time to digest the decisions she would need to make. She never felt rushed or forced to make quick decisions.

When Denise came to take her through her comprehensive Statement of Advice, Carol was pleasantly surprised that the estimated future projections showed that her retirement funds should grow over the next 10 years rather than “not going anywhere”.

 The best outcome for Carol is that she no longer feels adrift, alone and vulnerable about her financial situation anymore.  She feels that she has someone that she can contact and that they will respond to her concerns in a timely manner.  Carol feels that she has partnered with a firm that will ensure she always has peace of mind about her financial situation. 

The value that a trusted financial adviser provides is not always financial as Carol’s story shows.