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Integrity Wealth’s style of investing is based on the science of capital markets, not on speculation.

Our investment specialists preferred approach to investment portfolio construction is to structure diversified investment strategies around the risks that financial science shows deliver a reliable reward.  This means your funds are managed with integrity. Integrity Wealth focuses on capturing risks that generate an expected return and reducing those risks that do not.

The fund managers that Integrity Wealth predominantly use is Dimensional Funds Advisors because they embrace an investment philosophy that is: 

  • Focused on return premiums: They identify the sources of higher expected returns and take only those risks where they expect to be rewarded.
  • Transparent and consistent:  They exclude those securities where the risks are not transparent or that do not fit the strategy.
  • Broadly diversified:  They diversify across the asset class to control risk and set rules to prevent concentration.
  • Adding value through trading: Being neither an indexer nor a forecaster it allows them to trade flexibly and efficiently, while controlling risk and costs.

By adopting a “passive” investing style (i.e. not trying to time the market or spend a lot of money researching stocks at an individual level), fees for managing funds are less than those of active fund managers.  The same consistent principles are used for Fixed Interest investments as adopted for equities.

By working collaboratively with you, our specialists will help ensure you receive the most beneficial and lucrative solution for their investment needs.