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Have you analysed how future changes in technology will impact your industry and business?
Do you know how your business's key performance indicators compare to industry benchmarks?
Do you have a documented plan to grow your business?
Have you identified your top 5 business risks (e.g. cash flow management, loss of key customers) and how they will be managed?
Are you able to produce accurate financial information on your sales costs and profit margins for each key product service category?
Do you have a management and ownership succession plan in place so your business can operate without you?
Is your business keeping up with the changes in customer demands for your products/services?
Are your staff engaged to grow your business?
Do you have suficient income and assets apart from your business to fund your retirement or next business venture?
If a trigger event (ill health, relationship breakdown, death/TPD) were to occur are your personal, family and business assets protected?